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with cutting-edge GenAI solutions for enriching customer experience and loyalty

GenAIEmbed's AI platform helps businesses deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences, resulting in increased customer lifecycle value

Product Recommendation engine

AI-driven personalization engine ​offers tailored product bundling recommendations


Vector Search Engine

Fast, Accurate, Semantic Search where queries are understood and accurately answered


AI Assistant

AI powered smart assistant that enhance user interactions, automate tasks, and create engaging conversational experiences​



Enhance Website's onsite Search Experience

​Lexiconne, our AI powered semantic search engine is driven by advanced Language Learning Model technology, offers a transformative search experience 



Personalized Recommendation Engine

LLM-powered product recommendation engine transforms online shopping with its ability to interpret natural language queries and deliver highly personalized product suggestions. 


Smart Assistant

The quickest path to deploying AI across your global workforce

Smart Assistant combines real-time information retrieval with generative AI, enhancing responses with contextually relevant data from external / internal sources

Financial Assistant

Our Valued Clients

“Palette, product recommendation engine from GenAIEmbed increased our average order value by 25%, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction"
  • Senior Executive, Leading Luxury Furniture Company

“Our order completion rates increased by 11% thanks to Lexiconne, GenAIEmbed's precise and user-friendly semantic search engine”
  • CEO, Innovative Food Delivery App

"Smart Assistant chatbot from GenAIEmbed has streamlined our IT support, reducing resolution times and enhancing employee productivity."
  • Head of Engineering, Pioneering EV Car Manufacturer

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600 Park Offices Dr, Suite 300, Durham, NC 27709

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